Beautiful autumn

On some very beautiful October days in 2021 we visited our friends Jacob and Klaus at their wonderful place in Odsherred in Denmark – we had inspiring talks and walks, excellent food, lovely company. We spend as much time as we could in their huge greenhouse and big garden – oh what a pleasure! It was very impressing what they could manage to grow and cultivate.

Before we left we were allowed to pick stuff from the garden and the greenhouse. All what we wanted. Some days later we cooked a large portion of ‘Odsherred Chutney’ with pumpkins, green tomatoes, quince, grapes and chillies – all picked from their property. The chutney was later served in our autumn restaurant ‘Camillos Jazz Kitchen’ to happy guests.

Hope to be back at Jacob and Klaus’ place in spring – and summer – and autumn next year.

Yellow tomatoes in the greenhouse ©camilloskitchen
Light’s disapearing slowly ©camilloskitchen
They comes in colours everywhere ©camilloskitchen

Green chillies ©camilloskitchen
Lovely tomatoes from the greenhouse ©camilloskitchen
End of season in the greenhouse ©camilloskitchen
Grapes tempting from above ©camilloskitchen
Sunset playing around ©camilloskitchen
rosemary grasping the last sun ©camilloskitchen
Cavalo nero ©camilloskitchen
Beautiful flowers everywhere ©camilloskitchen
Food for all winter ©camilloskitchen

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