Orange-rocket salad

One of he favorites right now in Camillo’s Kitchen is a colorful and tasteful salad with oranges – at this time you can find really tasteful oranges around in the shops. If you are very lucky you find Sicilian oranges, both the yellow ones and blood oranges.

It could look like this …


For 3-4 people use 4-5 oranges, cut of the peel and slice the oranges, save all the juices for the dressing. Roast a little handful of almonds on a dry pan, let them cool and cut them roughly. Take a little handful of dates and slice them, find a red chilli, slice this too. Wash a couple of handfuls of rocket, dry it carefully and mix it with a splash of your best extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt flakes. Use the juice of an extra orange for dressing, mix the juice with extra virgin olive oil, again a good splash.

Place the oranges on a big plate, top with the rocket, chilli, dates and almonds, spread the dressing over the salad – let it rest for 15 minutes if you can – serve and ENJOY!

Here’s a version without the rocket – and with chives.

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