Cooking classes in Berlin

Some pictures from Camillo’s risotto course in October 2019 at Goldhahn & Sampson in Berlin.

The next Camillo courses at Goldhahn & Sampson in Berlin will be in February 2020 – looking very much forward to the risotto course on February 7th, and to the brand new Camillo course; “Food, that makes people talk to each other“ on February 29th.

Sign up and check the courses on the Goldhahn & Sampson website:
Food, that makes people talk to each other

Goldhahn & Sampson is a wonderful place to drop by to shop the good pasta, the good risotto rice, or have a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine. They have a huge selection of cookbooks, in German and in English. And of course a big range of cooking classes. They opened their first store in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg in 2006. In 2015 they established their second store in Wilmersdorfer Straße in Charlottenburg.

Goldhahn & Sampson describe themselves as “a book shop, a cooking school, a grocery store and purveyor of essential supplies for everybody with a kitchen and/or a preference for good food and drinks. Our range is a no-compromising selection of things we like and things that taste good.”

Camillo’s Kitchen also offers cooking classes and team building classes in our own space in Berlin, Kreuzberg – and in Denmark (both Copenhagen and in Tversted). We gladly arrange classes for you and your group/team/company/organization! Reach out if you want to hear more.

Risotto Extravagance from Camillo’s Kitchen
Celery and tomato for the tomato risotto.
Funghi per la risotto
Carnaroli or Vialone Nano for the risotto?
Ready to serve the tomato risotto
The mushroom risotto now ready to serve
Table set – only risotto and wine missing.
The venue; Goldhahn und Sampson
Now enjoy the risotto!
After the risotto.

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