Risotto course Berlin

Become the queens and kings of Risotto! Risotto course at Goldhahn und Sampson, Berlin, Wednesday October 30th.

To cook a perfect risotto is a treat – for you, your friends, partner, family, guests you invite to your home. So better learn how to make your perfect risotto! Risotto is a delicate, elegant and incredibly tasty dish from the Italian kitchen’s top kitchen drawer. A dish that really arouses joy. For a Tuesday evening and for a Friday with friends coming over. And it is actually incredibly easy to make a risotto – when you master it, and accept the fact that it needs your full attention for 20 minutes.

Learn how to cook the basic risotto, and learn how to make wonderful variations of it. Learn about the different kind of rice, the importance of a good stock, white wine or Noilly Prat. Get to know the basic equipment for your risotto kitchen. Together we create three different risottos, all based on the same basic recipe. We’ll eat together – share ideas and talk about the world of risotto. Enjoy an evening with Camillo and a bunch of other (coming) risotto chef’s.

– Risotto Bianco: the classic, basic risotto
– Tomato risotto: the wonderful everyday risotto
– Risotto Extravagance: the luxury version with blue cheese and walnuts

Camillo’s tomato risotto. Photo Malthe Ivarsson
Risotto al Funghi. Photo Malthe Ivarsson
Illustration by Helle Marietta, Lower East. From the Camillo cookbook.

The teacher, Jørgen Smidstrup aka Camillo runs the pop up restaurant Camillo’s Kitchen, he’s based in Berlin, and travel the world with his food concept. This summer he and his partner ran Camillos Summer Kitchen at the Danish west coasts for three months. In 2017 he came out with the cook book “Food, that makes people talk to each other“ (in Danish, which is he’s native tongue). He’s quite sure that he in a former life was Italian…

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Camillo – this summer – by Juliana Toro
Camillo’s beetroot risotto. Photo Malthe Ivarsson

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