A movement with badges

“Food, that makes people talk to each other“ or in Danish “Mad, der får folk til at tale sammen“ – our own growing movement.

Here on the doorsteps to the New Year – after yet another year with our food concept “Camillo’s Kitchen“ – thinking and reflecting on wtf happened this year, and what will come in the new year.

We have done tons of wonderful dinners this year, have had so many sweet guests in our space, and also when touring the world with our dinners. We have promoted and sold our cookbook, have had several talks about food, the meal – and the future of it all.

There is something fantastic going on. Things we are doing in Camillo’s Kitchen that feels so right – and around us in the world a lot of other exiting projects and actions are happening right now; around food, around being together, about having talks that matter.

We are looking very much forward to some holidays – and we are also looking forward to absorb 2018, and get ready for 2019; with a lot more coming from the pots & pans – & pens & talks – from Camillo’s Kitchen. Stay tuned!

A movement is not real unless it has a badge! Therefore:


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