Popup in Bogota

En dejlig aften i Bogota  //  A lovely evening in Bogota

Back in March we did a popup-dinner in Bogota, Colombia – we invited guests from our (small) network and also our networks network in the city. Out of a sudden we were sold out, and 20 guests showed up for our dinner in a very cosy co-working space, called Tierra Firme. The guests were a fine mix of young and a bit older; colombians, argentines, a couple of norwegians and a little handful of danish people living in Bogota, among them the danish ambassador and his wife. We served a five course dinner; first a kind of pancake with zucchini and corn, served with a spicy sauce with lot’s of chili; a sicilian inspired salad with fennel, grapefruit and a lot of local oranges; we did a dramatic and very red beetroot risotto (to many local’s surprise!); we found mussels and did an intense, spicy dish with the mussels, sausages, tomato and apples (quite good we must admit) – for dessert we baked chocolate cakes with ginger and lime zest.

We served the dishes on a beautiful mix of plates, some bought from the local market, others borrowed from Juliana’s (our former intern) mother – and on Royal Copenhagen porcelain borrowed from the danish embassy.

What a fantastic way of meeting people and ‘entering’ a new country! We would love to come back to the country for both traveling and cooking.

Thanks to Juliana and her family for inviting us to Colombia. Thanks to Rodrigo Atuesta for letting os us your space Tierra Firme, and for the photos.


Camillo’s Kitchen popping up in Bogota – photo: Rodrigo Atuesta
Beetroot risotto – Colombian way. Photo Rodrigo Atuesta
Busy times in Bogota – photo: Rodrigo Atuesta
Presenting the food – Camillo’s Kitchen in Bogota – photo: Rodrigo Atuesta
Camillo’s Kitchen popping up in Bogota – photo: Rodrigo Atuesta

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