April & May 2020

  • DINNERS. Camillo’s Test Dinners

We are doing a series of Camillo’s Test Dinners for the time being – testing menus, dishes and ideas for the next cookbook from Camillo’s Kitchen and for our summer restaurant in Tversted, Denmark.

Having fun & popping up in Berlin, in Tversted, in Copenhagen… and wherever the hunt for lovely food brings us.

The next dinners will hopefully happen in the end of April and in May. What we scheduled so far is postponed due to the Corona-virus. Hope to come back with some dates very soon.

At the dinners there will be plenty of splendid food – served and shared in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. Up to 20 guests per evening.

Reach out if interested and for more info at


April 2020

  • COOKING CLASS. Thursday April 16th 2020 at Goldhahn & Sampson, Berlin. The course is due to the Corona-virus postponed. New date will be announced.
  • Food, that Makes People Talk to Each Other / The perfect Dinner Party Conversations Club with Jørgen Smidstrup aka Camillo

An evening with focus on how to cook for friends and family, how to be a good host, how to invite, how to set a menu, how to choose the best ingredients and recipes. How to do your best, – and how you by that improve and support the talks around the table, and create a magical evening with excellent food, sweet people and interesting talks.

We cook 5-6 dishes together, learn, listen and talk while we cook, share stories and good ideas. We set a beautiful table – and eat together all of us, and test if our concept works as we wanted. The menu will be seasonal based, italian & internationally inspired – it will be very green, very festive and very tasty. Come join, and let’s have a cosy and a joyful evening.

More info? – sign up at the Goldhahn & Sampson website here.


June, July & August 2020

  • Vi åbner Camillos Sommerkøkken på Tversted Skole. Med pop-up-dinners, fællesspisninger, frokost, vinbar – og Camillo & Mariettas sommershop. Hold øje med åbningsdatoer.
  • Opening Camillo’s Summer Kitchen in Tversted, Denmark again. Pop-up dinners, community dinners, lunch, wine bar – and a lot more. Stay tuned for dates and more info.
Scene from Camillo’s Summer Kitchen 2019 in Tversted, Denmark
Another scene from Camillo’s Summer Kitchen 2019 in Tversted, Denmark
Lunch is served!