Camillo’s Food Photography Courses

4 intense days together with the team behind the cookbook from Camillo’s Kitchen; writer & chef Jørgen Smidstrup, designer & illustrator Helle Marietta and photographer Malthe Ivarsson.The cookbook “Food, that makes people talk to each other”, that came out in September 2017 and again in a second print September 2018, has been a big success on the Danish market. The book is filled with recipes, stories and more than 175 photos – now the team behind the book wants to share the learnings from creating the book.

Get inspired, get playful, learn about lighting, camera techniques, tips and tricks – share your thoughts, ideas and dreams with us and the rest of team. Practice & create photos both in the studio and on location during the course.

We have planned three courses so far; April 25th-28th in Berlin, Germany, July 18th-21st in Tversted, Denmark and October 3rd-6th again in Berlin.

Come join four playful and creative days – sign up either for our studio/lab in Kreuzberg, Berlin or wonderful summerdays in Tversted by the North Sea coast in Denmark.
We imagine that you would love to improve your skills, boost your ideas, develop new ’tasty’ food photos – and extend your creative network. Maybe you are a food writer and blogger, or a photographer, a chef, a culinary professional – or simply just ready to take new steps into the world of delicious food photos.

The teaching will be in English (and in Danish if/when needed).

Bring your camera (most cameras will be sufficient for this workshop, the ability to manually control the cameras settings is however essential, the ability to photograph in any RAW-format is also preferable) and your laptop with a photo editing software (if you don’t have any editing software you can download the trial version of adobe lightroom, it’s free for one month).

Risalamande / Risalamande (aka rice pudding). Photo: Malthe Ivarsson.
Props in the studio. Photo Malthe Ivarsson.
Tough work in the studio. Photo Malthe Ivarsson.
Playing in the studio. Photo Malthe Ivarsson.

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