An evening in Camillo’s Kitchen

Impressions from a lovely and very cosy dinner Camillo’s Kitchen

And a photographer in the house…

Early November we had this lovely dinner in Camillo’s Kitchen – and our dear friend Adam Løwert (and his camera) was among the guests. The other day we got a bunch of very fine photos from the evening – and we want to show a selection of them.

The dinner was a big success. Around 15 guests, Berlin-based or Berlin-visitors, think we counted seven or eight different nationalities among the guests. We served a 4 course-dinner plus a little surprise now and then. The guests enjoyed the starters; pumpkins with rosemary, the focaccia, the rillettes of pig and the white bean puree, and afterwards the merluzzo carbonaro served with a green mojo sauce and a spoon of ratatouille, also the little surprise; Poireaux à la vinaigrette. Smiles and happy faces emerged when we served a Camillo classic; the beetroot risotto. And the smiles continued during the desserts; biscotti, apple crumble and coffee-baked pears.

Thanks to the guests – and thanks to Adam for the fine photos!

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