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On the blog the things that is going on in Camillo’s Kitchen. About our dinners and pop-up events, about food and travels, recipes… about food that makes us talk to each other. In a funny mix of English and Danish…

Summer in Denmark

This July we did two wonderful & joyful dinners at the old school in Tversted, Denmark

More than 100 guest showed up for the two dinners to enjoy “Food that makes people talk to each other“. We found a lot of good stuff at the local producers, we were searching the region high and low for good quality and organic meat and vegetables. The menus for the two evenings were filled with fresh salats, new potatoes, carrots in various colors, small leeks, small beet roots alongside with organic pork and also organic, good, ‘heavy’ chickens. The desserts were all summerly ‘dressed’ with beautiful berries.

The old school has over the last couple of years developed into at community house, thanks to the energy from the owners Marianne Isager and Nels Gaardahl. We hope to be back in the spring and next summer for more dinners. Come and join!

A few impressions from the days up there;

beautiful home-grown garlic
the farmer showing off. with squash.
Carrots in colors
they came. enjoyed the food. and talked.
grilled squash. a lot
Dessert x 55
summer love
The Camillo's Kitchen tote bag
A woman and here trophy bag at a local market
Flyers spreading the word